Up, Up and Away!

The Turkish school has been busy creating hot-air balloons for the Comenius project. 

Here are some photos of the balloons they have made.

I hope they will tell us a little about how they made them, as they looks so amazing!

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I want to tell how we made these lovely hot air balloons..
    real balloons,cloth,glue,newspaper,rope,basket..^
    *cut the newspaper into small pieces ( nearly 10 cmx 10cm
    *blow the balloon
    *spread the glue all around the surface of the balloon
    *stick pieces of newspaper all around of the surface of balloon.do not leave any space or air.
    * let them dry well
    *when it becomes hard , blust the balloon with a needle
    *cut bottom of the balloon and give shape..
    *cover ( use glue) the balloon with colorful clothe as you like
    then attach the basket to the balloon with rope..
    it takes time but enjoyable to do it..
    Good luck..