Travelling By Tram

Blackpool is know for its trams. However, did you know that Blackpool also has trams that are made to look like boats?

Here are some photos of the kind of special trams you might see should you ever come to visit us in Blackpool:

The illuminated trams are only seen during the annual Illuminations, which last from September to August. They attract people from around the country - and beyond - who come to see the colourful lights and animated tableaux. 

When the illuminated trams disappear, you know that Winter is only around the corner, unfortunately. 


  1. Nice sharing! I love to visit Blackpool around the world. Its shape is in boat style really interesting. I visited there before my washington DC cherry blossom tours last year. It is worth to visit. The 4D film was amazing and very well put together; loved walking on the glass skywalk and looking at the cars below and taking in the views.

    1. Hello Alix. You have a great knowledge about travelling. I am going to boston to niagara falls bus with my wife to enjoy the summer holidays but I could not know about this tour. If you have some knowledge about this tour places share with me.