MS Riverdance - England to Northern Ireland

MS Riverdance

MS Riverdance is a ferry that ran adrift in 2008 opposite the Norbreck Castle Hotel, near Blackpool.  

It had been hit by a wave, which caused the cargo to shift in the hold. The vessel beached en route from Heysham to Warrenpoint (in Northern Ireland).

Passengers and crew were rescued and those that needed medical attention were taken to the nearby Victoria Hospital.

For a while, the MS Riverdance became a sort of local tourist attraction, with people coming from all around to view the refloating and salvage operation. 
It's estimated that in excess of 100,000 people came to see the ship in 10 weeks. 

How the drama unfolded (source: Blackpool Gazette)

7.30pm - The Seatrucks roll-on, roll-off ferry Riverdance makes a distress call seven miles from Fleetwood after it is "broadsided" by a wave. Cargo on board the ferry shifts causing the vessel to list.
7.43pm - Captain issues a Mayday call saying ship is listing badly.
8pm - RAF rescue crew, the Seacat, based at RAF Valley in North Wales, is put on standby for an emergency rescue.
8.20pm - The RAF crew are scrambled to the scene.
9pm - Everyone on-board the stricken vessel assembles on the bridge and the RAF crew begin winching people to safety.
10pm - Helicopters bringing people to safety begin arriving at Blackpool Airport.
10.50pm - Riverdance runs aground between Norbreck and Cleveleys.
11.15pm - Kevin Hobbs, of Seatruck, tells the media there was no reason why the ship should not have sailed, despite the "atrocious" weather conditions.
4am - Crew remaining on board, unable to get the vessel refloated under her own power overnight, were evacuated from the vessel by rescue.

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