Sunday, 30 March 2014

Video-conference 22nd Jan, 2014

Better late than never - video-conference between Spain and Poland on the 22nd January 2014.

Presentation - bus

Song 'Red bus' by Andrzej Rosiewicz

Presentation - carriage

Short film used in the presentation

Song "Warsaw carriage driver' by Olgierd Buczek

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Our visit to Turkey


What a wonderful visit we have just had to Turkey.
We were looked after so well and really united as a group. The visit began with a day in school where we joined in with English lessons and the Turkish children dramatised their information on hot air balloons. I think we all enjoyed seeing ourselves portrayed by one of the children and there was so much detail in their play.

 After we watched the plays we had a tour of the school and went in to watch English lessons being taught. In the afternoon we had a meeting with the National Education Director. He made us feel very welcome.

 On Tuesday, all the teachers shared their presentations with the other school teachers. These were very detailed and the pupils had obviously worked very hard to create them. Some schools had also brought their scrap books to show as well, these were very detailed about the different types of transport – and the authors!
 During the meeting we discussed that every school has made a Comenius corner, some of the larger schools have made two corners so that all the children in the school could regularly see the information.
These will develop during the project to include more detail about the specific schools involved and the specific activities undertaken.

The blog is now live and provides us with a useful tool to keep up to date with what is happening in each school. We can now upload presentations and dramatisations to the blog, and information about Comenius events that have been taking place within the schools.

 We now have a lovely mascot and a logo, which schools need to include on completed pieces of work.
 All the schools are enjoying videoconferences with other schools within the project. This is a fabulous way for the children to see who else is involved within the project.
 The next round of videoconferences will take place before the end of March.

 Schools are now preparing a list of words on their transport type to translate into English. This list will be translated in to all 6 languages of the project schools.
They are also preparing dramatisations from the information that they received from the other schools about different transport types.

 All the teachers involved said how much they were enjoying being involved in the project, but, more importantly, how much the children were getting out of the experience, with finding out about different transport types and the video conferencing which allowed them to feel connected to the project schools.
 We had a very educational trip to Turkey and enjoyed the cultural experiences we undertook. We are all looking forward to the next trip, which will be in Sicily.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Spain: Multimedia Presentations 

(Years 5&6)


SPAIN: Multimedia presentations 

 History of trains (years 3&4)


SPAIN: Multimedia presentations.

                                          TRAIN TO THE CITY,  YEAR 2



ANIMALS TRAIN Children at Infants 4 and 5 have created this beautiful wall-display with an ANIMALS TRAIN where each wagon was decorated by one child at home. MANY THANKS TO ALL THE CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES. We learned new vocabulary about Animals and we worked on the Comenius Project at the same time. COMENIUS Animals Train on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 20 March 2014

P4 visit the SS Nomadic

Our P4 class visited the SS Nomadic recently. The SS Nomadic was one of the tender ships for the Titanic and is the last White Star Line ship left in the world! P4 have created a presentation about their visit.

Click the link to our international work page on our school website to view the presentation

You could also have a look at the website for the SS Nomadic here:

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Vısıt to Turkey

We are enjoying our visit to Turkey.

The weather is lovely and the food is great! The people are friendly, and the pupils are very talented! We like the music!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

SPAIN: Train activities. Infants & Primary 1

Hello everybody!! Greetings from Spain!!

Our students from Primary 1 and Infants have been working on various activities related to Trains.
Please watch this video to see our songs, stories, scrapbooks, bookmarks, etc.
Thanks for leaving your comments and have a nice day!!

C.P. Baudilio Arce School. Oviedo. Spain.
March 2014.